Critical Illness Cover 

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Term assurance to provide a lump sum in the event of suffering a "critical illness" that is Life threatening and life changing. The concept being "what if you nearly die". If you have a heart attack, a brain haemorrhage, be diagnosed with many types of cancer, MS, ME etc.. You haven't died, then the problem is that you cannot earn a living (income stops) yet you still have liabilities and your lifestyle costs are likely to go up. The policy can cover a wide range of conditions and can be in individual names or set up in joint names with a lump sum payment made on diagnosis

For mortgages, if the loan amount outstanding is expected to reduce each year as in the case of a capital payment and interest mortgage, then a "decreasing term insurance" should be considered so that as the balance of the mortgage reduces so does the amount of benefit. This enables cover at lower premiums. For interest only mortgages, the benefit or amount covered needs to be "level" for the term of the mortgage, (known as "Level Term Assurance")

Main reasons critical illness insurance are;
clear all debts should illness occur
provide fund to protect your lifestyle
Any new financial liability/commitment should be covered by insurance. How will you, your dependents, spouse and children cope in the event of you suffering a critical illness and no income? There will be a financial impact. Are you and they protected?

To plan properly, we help you identify the present position. Are existing plans costing too much? What are your needs? We will then provide quotations and advice for you to decide upon.

We access the whole of market and can provide the most competitive and quality policies

Critical Illness insurance we recommend is non investment term assurance - no investment element and a defined term. Low cost, either level benefit for a term or decreasing term benefit to go alongside a capital repayment mortgage.

Critical illness plans can also include life cover and will be less costly than having two policies one for life cover and one critical illness cover. Contact us to discuss or to get a quote on or calls us to discuss on 01535 640079

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